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What is Smart Agriculture?

It is called Smart Agriculture, the incorporation of technological tools that allow producers to have updated information 24/7 on the conditions of their crops, as well as remotely operate the different agricultural machinery, with the main objective of increasing the quantity and quality of agricultural products.

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Sentek Sensor Integration

Sentek is a company that globally designs, develops, manufactures and distributes sensors to measure soil humidity, temperature and salinity. Sentek sensors use capacitance-based technology to provide near-continuous measurements of the soil profile and its moisture content. Tracking the changes in soil moisture provides valuable insight into the complex interactions between plants, soils, and weather. Sentek technologies helps you see what is truly happening, to support better decision making.

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Remotely Control your Agricultural Machinery

In addition to being able to monitor your irrigation systems, we offer you the possibility of controlling them, our solution allows you to integrate hardware and software so that you can operate it from anywhere, just by having Internet on your devices. Control the on and off of the equipment, including the central pivots, the water pumps, the warehouse equipment, among others, from our platform and optimizes the time of manual work.

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Automatic Irrigation Log

Monitor the center pivots and automate your irrigation log.

At Mextic we have developed a complete platform and devices that allow us to obtain all the necessary information to automatically generate the irrigation log that has been carried out in one season.

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