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What is Smart Agriculture?

It is called Smart Agriculture, the incorporation of technological tools that allow producers to have updated information 24/7 on the conditions of their crops, as well as remotely operate the different agricultural machinery, with the main objective of increasing the quantity and quality of agricultural products.

These tools generate and store high-value information in the cloud, to be consulted immediately from any device with an internet connection, which helps to have better overall control of production.

Some of the main aspects that can be monitored and controlled are:

  • Automatic Irrigation Log.
  • Soil parameters.
    • Humidity.
    • Temperature.
    • Salinity.
    • Etc.
  • Irrigation systems.
  • Weather conditions.
  • Log of application of agrochemicals and fertilizers.
  • Cold storage room
  • Grain storage monitoring.
  • History of work performed and fuel consumption of agricultural machinery.

Smart Agriculture Solution Benefits:

  1. Savings:Having constant monitoring of the conditions of your crops, allows you to know in detail the right time to apply irrigation, fertilizers, etc. This makes the use of resources more efficient and reduces operating costs.
  2. Profitability: Increase the quality and productivity of your crops.
  3. Optimize time: The information generated helps to efficiently plan the work on your crops.
  4. Sustainability: It generates a culture of responsibility for the correct use of natural resources such as water and agricultural soils.
  5. Disease prevention:Detects in advance the conditions that promote the development of pests and diseases.

In conclusion, the application of smart agriculture will become a breaking point in the improvement of working conditions in the field, in addition to allowing producers to significantly improve their profitability, as well as the correct application of ecological practices that lead to saving water, energy and supplies.