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Get alerts on your device to stay informed

Monitor the parameters of your equipment and receive notifications in real time.

Our platform will always keep you informed of any anomaly or event, you can receive our notifications via platform, email and sms, all in real time.

Get personalized notifications in all our services, for example:

  • Receive alerts for cable theft, our technology detects if this happens, sending you a notification and activating the alarm installed in the system
  • Receive notifications every time your irrigation is interrupted, either because the pivot got stuck, there is a fault, among others.
  • Take care of your products by obtaining data on their parameters in real time, obtain the minimum and maximum of the day, current value and alerts if the values go outside the established range.
  • Define optimal ranges to maintain the quality of your products and receive notifications if the temperature, humidity or carbon dioxide behave in an undesired way, the most important thing is the conservation of your product.