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Sentek Sensor Integration

Sentek is a company that globally designs, develops, manufactures and distributes sensors to measure soil humidity, temperature and salinity. Sentek sensors use capacitance-based technology to provide near-continuous measurements of the soil profile and its moisture content. Tracking the changes in soil moisture provides valuable insight into the complex interactions between plants, soils, and weather. Sentek technologies helps you see what is truly happening, to support better decision making.

ELIoT Device

Do you have a Sentek Drill & Drop or EasyAG sensor? Our solution allows you to access the information collected by your sensors from any device with the Internet:

Transmission of Sensor Data to Our Platform via GSM
Receive the information at time intervals regardless of the location of your lots as long as there is cellular network coverage.
Compact Design
With a compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and install.
Self-Charging the Battery with Solar Panel
Autonomy is essential for the equipment to function optimally, it integrates a compact and large capacity battery that automatically recharges with the solar panel to keep the device charged for the longest time.
Save Time and Effortt
Save time by leaving behind the traditional method of collecting information one by one.
Offline Storage
The device has the capacity to store the information that cannot be sent at the moment due to the interruption of the cellular signal. Once the equipment has a signal, it sends the saved data ensuring the integrity of the information.

ELIoT Platform

Our platform offers you great benefits, we optimize manual labor time so that the farmer concentrates more on decision-making and always keeps him informed of the conditions of his crops. We develop new features based on our customers' needs to enrich the platform and offer useful and valuable tools, such as charts and reports, to support irrigation management decisions.


 Graphical display the data grouped by parameters



See the data in a more visual way and display between the timeline to the point of interest.


Select the depths that you want to analyze in more detail.


Consult all the information of the cycle at any time.


Use the tool to guarantee the effectiveness of irrigation by accumulating moisture, visualize the amount of millimeters of water applied as well as consumption.


User-defined notifications


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